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Weekend Warrior 1


Weekend Warrior 1


60 Minutes


Moderate to High Intensity / Functional / High Impact


Improves your total body strength, power, and endurance at the intermediate/advanced level of your fitness journey.

Weekend Warrior workout is an “Anything Goes” session focused on strength, power, endurance, and mental toughness. This high speed, high energy, the high-intensity weekend workout is for fitness WARRIORS! (Note: Mastery of modifications is a must.)

Weekend Warrior is intentionally designed to increase your strength, power, endurance and mental toughness utilizing bodyweight resistance, HIIT intervals, plyometrics and outdoor running drills in order to challenge you physically and mentally. No matter where you are along your fitness journey, Weekend Warrior is guaranteed to take you to an even higher level of fitness. (Note: This session requires a TEAM mentality!)

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