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Who We Are

B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness stands for “Better Understanding a Stronger You.” We’re a personalized small group training facility that caters to women with busy lifestyles. Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself.

Why? Because most women will do almost anything for their families, except take care of themselves and their bodies. As a result, their busy lives get out of balance and their health suffers. So we’ve created, what we call, the “Foundational-5” approach to help busy women improve and preserve their bodies, so they can become the best version of themselves, and in turn, serve their families better.

Why We’re Different

What makes B.U.S.Y. Body different is our Foundational-5 approach to your overall health and life transformation:

FAMILY — We provide you with a safe environment, so you can heal and grow.

FRIENDS — We connect you to the support you need to motivate, encourage, and hold you accountable.

FITNESS — We help you build a foundation of strength, so we can help you build your self confidence.

FOOD — We introduce you to proper nutrition to fuel your body; in addition, we help you better understand and improve your relationship with food.

FAITH — We don’t just strengthen your body, we strengthen your soul, so your faith will reflect your body and your body will reflect your faith.

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