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Mid-Day Crunch


Mid-Day Crunch


45 Minutes


Beginning to Moderate Intensity / Functional / Low to Moderate Impact


Improves your total body strength, fitness, and toning, giving you a renewed energy at a time of the day when most people are wasting time munching on all the wrong things.

Mid-Day Crunch is a 45-minute express workout that will target your total body, utilizing HIIT Intervals, MoveStrong circuits, and bodyweight resistance.

Mid-Day Crunch is for extremely busy professionals who want to get results, but don’t have a lot of time. This program is designed to get you results on your lunch break, as well as prepare you to return to work feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.

If you’re pressed for time during your day, then Mid-Day Crunch is for you. Even if you have to leave early or arrive a little late, it’s no problem! All we need from you is 32 minutes in order to make you functionally fit for whatever challenge the workday throws at you. This workout program will give you renewed energy and help you finish your day even better than you started it – focused and re-energized.

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