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2-Fit 2-Quit


2-Fit 2-Quit (4:30 p.m.)


60 Minutes


Moderate Intensity / Functional / Moderate Impact


Improves your total body strength, fitness, and endurance at the intermediate level of your fitness journey.

2-Fit 2-Quit is a total body workout session that also gives you the perfect excuse to wait out 5 p.m. rush-hour traffic. This fun and high energy session is designed to move you to the advanced level of your fitness journey. The focus is on endurance, strength, and power.

2-Fit 2-Quit will take you to the next level of total body transformation by utilizing resistance, interval training, circuits, and plyometrics, designed specifically for your group’s current fitness level. You will never want to go home and skip another workout again after you go through this session.

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